Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Roadmap to Superior Design Execution

Design Process Improvement Overview
Both the Business Process Improvement and the Business Process Reengineering tend to focus on the business and it's interfaces into the other sub-processes, rarely getting into much detail on the design team processes and their interfaces. For significant improvements to be identified and realized within design, a focused effort must be completed specifically for product design that includes the interfaces into and out of product design.

There are two phases to design process improvements. The first is the assessment phase to learn, discover, understand and align the team to the current process. The second phase activities are to identify required process changes to meet the end objectives, as defined during the assessment phase. Depending on the magnitude of objectives the process is either targeting incremental improvements or a full reengineering effort, which clears the slate and starts from scratch. The diagram below represents the flow for both phases of design process renewal. Design Process Improvement (DPI) provides incremental improvements while Design Process Reengineering (DPR) is a major overhaul of how the design team operates.

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