Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Can't we get Rid of that Thorn in our Process?

When there is a systemic process problem plaguing a development organization it continues to baffle me how long the pain is allowed go on. At times to the point where here is a belief that it is hopeless and will probably stay with the organization until the end of time, even though it really is causing obvious disruption in projects. In most cases the path towards a solution is not something that is a huge mountain to climb, it just takes some specific action and collaboration to gain consensus and be done with it. I believe that it's just that we are creatures of habit and diddling with anything stirs up the "who moved my cheese" type emotions, making us uncomfortable. If we leave things alone our days are assumed to be fairly predictable, thorns and all.

I am going to spend some more time on this fascinating subject next month.

Any thoughts on this?

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