Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Case Study: Discovery & Solution

The following describes a case study where formal discovery was utilized to identify the unknown challenge areas within a NPD team.

Situation Appraisal
A product development organization of a large US based semiconductor company was interested in opportunities to provide improved project predictability, a higher throughput and improved first time success. The expectation was that Test, Product Engineering, packaging, project management and design must reach a higher level of alignment to objectives in order to achieve this heightened productivity and the minimization of silicon spins. The business motivation was purely a reduction in time to revenue.

Potential deliverable/receivable disconnects within design, as well as to their product development partners were identified as the primary focus for improving the efficiency of the overall NPD team execution. Projects were progressing at a generally acceptable level; however, there was a desire to identify opportunities to step up the productivity of the team. There were well known issues to be resolved in addition to an emphasis upon finding unknown challenge areas that needed to be understood and resolved. Indications of unknowns were displayed as expectation disconnects between individuals as well as recurrent project redirection that would divert the team from the mainstream execution plan.

Download Full Case Study from the White Paper page at Jorvig Consulting's website.

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