Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It’s not our Fault

When describing the reasons for a project being late have you ever heard the reasons come around to “It’s not our Fault, if only so and so would have...”? Oh come on now, I am sure that has occurred a time or two or more. Have you ever used the reasons yourself? I certainly have in my career. Why is this done? Its just good old human nature, the way we tend to be wired. It let’s me justify continuing on in a problem filled environment and not have to take responsibility for it. Can it be changed, or better yet should it be changed. Yes to both questions, without a doubt.

Without an emphasis on execution issue resolution nothing will ever change. And that means stepping up and taking ownership. You want somebody else to step up and own it don’t you? Of course! What happens when nobody steps up, keeping the blame game alive and well? Things stay exactly as they are and you wake up some day wondering where your business went and then sometime further down the road you wonder where your job went?

If you want to protect your business and your job it’s time to take ownership for problems that you are facing in project execution. The truth is everyone plays a role in non-ideal project execution. The true leaders will step out front and take ownership. Come on, go ahead and stand out from the crowd and get the common, systemic issues put to rest first and then dig deeper. Never stop digging. Get out of your design silo and look at the big picture. Drive changes that will promote agreement and communication of each task what, where and how; the essential ingredient for predictable project execution. Make a difference!

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