Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eliminating the Systemic Barriers to Meeting NPD Commitments

What comes to mind if you were asked “What are the systemic barriers to meeting New Product commitments?” These barriers are ingrained in the very fabric of an organization and typically subtle in visibility, yet pervasive in impact; often providing a veiled resistance to improvements in an organizations project execution. Their presence is often characterized by unexpected diversions in a projects course – surprises often believed as something that could have been avoided. Are you and your team tired of being surprised and dealing with the aftermath, project after project?

Understanding and removing these systemic barriers takes an attitude that change is possible and WILL happen. It takes an attitude of ownership to find and remove the roadblocks that are creating project surprises; the issues are right here, right now – not somewhere else in the organization or someone else’s responsibility. It takes an attitude that you will be successful in eliminating execution barriers. It takes an attitude that grasps the value in a proactive and never ending focus on being better.

What have you done in the last year to drive improvements and eliminate the systemic project barriers? How about the last quarter, last month, last week or yesterday? A never ending and relentless attitude on always being better will make you and your teams stand out from the pack by always delivering to the business objectives. Talk about being indispensable – do this well and the wow factor is off the scale!

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