Monday, May 11, 2009

Why aren't the known Execution Challenges Being Fixed?

I have just compiled the results of a survey to further refine understanding of the sources of roadblocks that new product teams experience during execution. A second objective of the survey was to identify the reasons that new product teams may be unable to gain the momentum to mitigate these negative sources of project impact. Or more simply - what prevents the known problems from being fixed. This new survey is a follow-up to the original findings from the July 2008 survey. Click on images for a full page view of the data.

Why don't we fix known problems?
This question ranked the primary reasons why known issues with project execution were not fixed. At the top of the list was a lack of motivation for the team to do so; the team was simply not interested in making changes to improve. At the bottom of the list was the lack of a real problem to be fixed.

Sources of Project Challenges
This question was focusing on ranking the barriers to an ideal level of project execution. Making the top of the list as the greatest challenge was the clarity of individual requirements; team members were not clear on the details of their project contribution. At the bottom of the list were design tools, indicating that the tool sets available to the team were not a major obstacle to project execution.

You can form you own conclusions from the data. From my perspective the data tells me there is generally a lack of motivational factors to drive an execution improvement environment. This matches well with my findings in working with many teams over the years. Typically there is healthy discussion about changing things for the better, although it is rarely backed up with an actionable plan and the funding necessary for execution of that plan. Simply put - The current state of project execution in an organization is exactly where is was chosen to be.

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