Monday, June 01, 2009

Today is Perfect for Making a Positive Change

Procrastination within an organization is one of the greatest limiters of execution excellence there is. Where your competition is concerned, their postponement in the repair of a broken development process is good for your business. However, if procrastination is your organizations mantra, that's a grave situation for long term viability. The reality is that the competition has reason to cheer on organizations that wallow in a pool of delayed action, the ones that are lost in a non-action dream of one day becoming an ideal new product development machine.

In my business I am barraged with reasons why today is not the right time to make a positive change in the new product development process. Reasons for inaction come down to one of time, money, denial or "not our problem". Faced with the stark reality that there are well known inefficiencies in the development process, many organizations will remain on the course of addressing them later. Tomorrow rarely comes and a year down the road the same issues are still wreaking havoc with development projects.

The media is loaded with companies that had made the choice to delay taking action in finding and fixing business issues. They believed time was on their side and then one day found that time had run out. They believed they were too big to fail and then found them selves face to face with the reality of a chapter 11 filing. How does your organization stack up in the area of action related to product development efficiency concerns?

An organization that displays a "There is no time like the present" attitude will have a belief system in place that drives continuous improvement. These winning businesses will seize a never-ending passion to hunt for issues and solve them today; they will be a force that the competition views with envy.

Today is a perfect day to take actions that will remove the systemic project execution barriers that have been negatively impacting revenue goals. Now is the ideal time to step up to the plate and make a difference, while everyone else is merely waiting for a better time. Display leadership and secure a future by driving solutions to the execution obstacles that you know the development team is facing every day. Do it today!

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