Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Basics of Design Delays

Why does a project end up late? In my experience it comes down to the possibilities outlined below. In reality there is evidence of a touch of all of these on just about any project. Some projects weigh in heavier on some than others.

  • Uncontrolled scope expansion (feature creep).
  • Ineffective task planning detail.
  • Disconnects between task deliverable and receivable expectations.
  • Undefined or under-defined tasks or information requirements.
  • Lack of effective risk mitigation strategies.
Any project delay I have seen can be attributed to one or more of these project deficiencies. Do you believe that it is this simple? This is all stuff that can be easily minimized. Why isn't it being done? Not enough time. I here this all the time and it amazes me how frequently this reason is used. There is always time to do it again but there is never time to do it right. Are you ready to take a stand for the right way to do design? I would like to here if you have been successful in doing this and the project results you have achieved by doing so.

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