Monday, June 04, 2007

Six Simple Rules of Managing IC Design

Here are six simple rules to consider when managing IC design projects:

  1. Commit only after doing your homework. Be creative, be aggressive, keep your vision broad and commit only when you have a means to get there.
  2. Keep a keen eye out for the unknown. It is always there, waiting to disrupt your plan.
  3. Are things progressing as planned, or is a correction to the plan and/or deliverables in order?
  4. Verbalized plans, instructions and decisions should never be considered communicating. Write it down to keep it crisp, concise, thorough and communicated.
  5. Leave no room for ambiguity or interpretation in your requirements for success. Say what you need.
  6. Due diligence on plans and schedules will reinforce predictability for your design project.
If you want to learn more about managing IC design teams check out the PDF download for a "Managing Excellence in Design Team Execution" seminar.

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